What’s music to your eyes?

The project ‘What’s music to your eyes?’ deals with my experiment about finding a relationship between what I like to call the trinity of sensory experience - music, visuals and listeners. It deals with different aspects of perception when it comes to an audiovisual experience.


In today’s world, music is everywhere. Surrounding us, thanks to an ever-growing plethora of digital streaming devices and services. Its abundance has in many ways turned it into background noise. Playing, as we drive or go for a run. The good old engagement is missing. My endeavour as a graphic designer and researcher (in this case) was to understand this change and to find out if visuals could help bring back a deeper connection with music.

This video is from the final exhibition. I created an installation facilitating human-computer interaction to create an experience  for a listener to completely immerse themselves in music with visuals and interactivity.

Muse App

Say hello to ‘Muse’ - an app that I worked on as a part of my research. For most of my research, the aim was to visualise music through different mediums, but this is a completely different approach, where I’m trying to convert an image into a soundtrack. This process is generally known as ‘graphical sound’ or ‘drawn sound’.

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